Claudia's Square Foot Gardening 2010

The first years evolution of Claudia's Square Foot Garden can be found at -- There are many "how she did it" pictures to help you start your own square foot garden. This page continues the journey with this years garden. Claudia began planting this year in March 2010.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Sunday Pictures:
First Cherry Tomato's -
Squash -
Bell Peppers with Tomato's in the backgound. -

Thursday, May 15, 2003


Well,  the gophers are back this year. They have been routing through the yard in – search – of….

None have been spotted in the garden yet but I hope they don’t get that far. This afternoon I probed for their nests and did an underground delivery of poison. I hate to use the stuff so I put in a minimum amount. If you have been following in the past years we were able to control access with Gopher Stick vibrators but they seem to be losing their effectiveness. I’ll be sure to post any further actions I take with these little critters. I’ve used just about everything non-poisonous prior to getting to this point.


Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Here's a picture of Claudia preparing a garden plot in April.

duplicate pics deleted

Here are two current shots of Claudia's Square Garden. Notice the tomato plants along the fence and squash in the front.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

A current picture of the garden:

Check the garden now! Claudia has really been working! All five boxes are planted. We have tomatoes all along the fence and in one of the boxes. Beans are on the short fence in the corner that don't show on the cam. We have squash, bell peppers, more beans, arugala (sp?) and more. Had deep watering day before last. While watering unattended the hose developed a leak and flooded the area. Won't have to water again this week with rain due tonight:-) Weather has been warm at night in the 50's and 70's during the day so things are growing!!
Stay tuned.